The high road to San Francisco

Jon and I are about to take a long journey. Tomorrow morning we fly to San Francisco to visit our son. Our flight leaves Boston at 6 am, and we’ll be in San Francisco in time to have lunch with our son. Isn’t that amazing! In this case time really does fly. And California time is three hours earlier.

When we lived in Kansas, I often took my students on a field trip to a site where covered wagons passed in such numbers that there are deep ruts in the ground. And that site was still very far fromCalifornia. It took months for pioneers to make the long journey. Along the way, people discarded furniture and other treasurers to lighten their wagons. Family members died and were buried alongthe trail. It was a rough trip, and many didn’t make it. Those pioneers were in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

We are all on a spiritual journey. Jon likes to call it our journey of faith. We take this journey whether we want to or not. Sometimes we ignore God, and he waits until we seek him. Other times we search for him in the scriptures and listen for his direction. Sometimes we are desperate and cry out to him. This life journey begins at birth as we are all born bearing the image of our creator. It ends at death when we, as Christians, come into his presence in heaven and begin eternity with him.

So wherever you are on your personal journey I hope you will seek guidance from the one who made you and knows you all together. Have a good trip!


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