Summer's End

Can the summer really be coming to an end? It seems like it just started.

It has been a real summer of contrasts for my family. For example, Hurricane Irene is bringing rain to a saturated New England while my family in Louisiana is thankful for whatever little rain comes their way.

We spent a quiet peaceful week in Maine enjoying the coolness and beauty of Winter Harbor. And we spent a wonderful week in Louisiana visiting with family and enjoying the rolling farm lands which included a farm pond with an alligator in it. Jon nicknamed him "Cousin Al." The heat was well over 100 degrees while we were there. But the warmth and love of family is what we came away with. It's what brings us to family reunions year after year.

This summer has been a time of "Hello" and "Goodbye" as our family has welcomed a new member, five-year-old Angelina, daughter of our niece Monica. But on a sad note, we have lost two beloved pets, our gentle white cat, Leo, who moved here with us from Kansas, and our son Nathanael's beautiful red and white Husky, Maija, who did suddenly leaving a big void in our lives.

All this reminds me of the scripture that tells us that everything has a season. And a new season is upon us. The kids are returning to school. Some here in Arlington will be wearing back packs that the church has provided them. Our new fall programming is taking shape. What will this season bring us? Certainly both good and bad will happen, but over all we have the assurance that our God will be with us through whatever happens.


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