Peanut Butter and Orange Juice for Christmas

Thanksgiving with its time of reflecting on our many blessings has come and gone. Now we have entered into Advent. We come with anticipation as we prepare ourselves to welcome the Christ Child. Last Sunday we lit the first candle on our Advent wreath. Christmas is coming. As I reflect on what gifts will be given this Christmas, I remember some interesting ones from Christmases past. When Suzanne was about the age of our grandson Eben (almost two) Jon asked her what she wanted to get me for Christmas. Without hesitation, she replied, “Orange juice!” So off they went to the grocery store to get a special gift for the momma. Her delight was only slightly dampened when she realized that her gift could not be put under the Christmas tree until Christmas morning but had to be kept in the refrigerator. It was strange to find a brightly wrapped gift when I opened the refrigerator door.

Another interesting gift we received in Christmases past was a very large container of peanut butter. For several years someone left a box on Jon's desk with the peanut butter and other food items in it. We finally found out that it was given by an elderly farmer who explained that when his children were young and money was tight, it was a relief to know that they had plenty of peanut butter to feed their family. Jon was not well paid at the time by that small church, and the peanut butter was certainly enjoyed by our young children.

But no matter how thoughtful or expensive the gifts we give or receive,
none can compare to the amazing gift of the God who loved us so much
that he gave his only son to die for our sins. That is what Christmas is
really about after all. Come Lord Jesus, we welcome you this Christmas!


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