Our Pastor

Dr. Jon Dale Hevelone is our pastor, having joined us in 2002 after pastoring in the northeast, the south and the midwest. Most recently he served a church in the heart of America for eleven years. In his heart he still cheers for the Kansas State University Wildcat football team, but other than that he has adjusted to life in New England. He drives in Boston traffic like he was born here and knows the little college next door in Cambridge is "Hahvahd."

Jon believes discovering a living faith in Jesus Christ is the most significant experience a person can have, and that such a faith can make a real difference in your life, family, and world. Spiritual hunger is a major problem many people face, and the deep needs of the soul can be nourished when you know God in real faith.

Helping people learn to solve life problems is one of his interests. In addition to enjoying pastoral care and biblical preaching, he is a skilled counselor, with experience in grief, bereavement and other life transition concerns. He holds two master's degrees and a doctorate (sorry, not from Hahvahd), and is certified by several professional associations. Jon is married to Nell, and the father of four (mostly) adult children. He likes photography, the ocean, Studebakers and bar-b-que. Come meet him Sunday morning.


First Baptist Church
819 Mass Ave, Arlington, MA

Sunday Schedule
Service: 10 am
Nursery provided!



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