Our Lenten Journey

Our Lenten journey has begun. On Ash Wednesday, we committed ourselves to follow Jesus on his trip to the cross. We know that his way was difficult and that he suffered greatly. In some small way we try to join him in his suffering but the magnitude is too great to even imagine. We only know a lesser kind of suffering.

On a personal level, I watched someone I love suffer last week. My seven-year-old granddaughter fell at a roller skating party and broke her leg. As a result she was confined to a wheelchair during the week of her Winter Vacation. She had so looked forward to that week to play with her sisters and friends. But that didn’t happen. Her leg hurt and she couldn’t move easily or comfortably. And she was so sad. She didn’t complain, but there was pain and sadness in her lovely blue eyes. My heart ached for her. I thought that I would rather it had happened to me than to her.

On Sunday, a friend stopped by my office to ask how she was doing. He listened patiently while I complained about her distress, Then he told me that God would bring good out of the situation. He said that she would never again see someone in a wheelchair and not feel compassion for them. He reminded me that her situation is temporary and that she will soon run and play again but that there are children who will spend their lives in wheelchairs. She will be able to relate to them in a way that she never could have before her accident.

It is interesting to me that all this is happening during Lent. The cast will come off her leg during Holy Week. And she will be made whole. While I could not take my granddaughters pain and suffering, my savior took mine when he took my place on the cross. And when Easter comes we will celebrate our spiritual wholeness as we rejoice in Christ’s victory over death. To him be glory and honor forever!


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