On Summer

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. Summer is a wonderful time as we live our lives at a slower pace enjoying the longer hours of daylight. It’s a more relaxing time that we eagerly anticipate. When I taught school, teachers counted down the days to the beginning of summer as eagerly as the students did. Two of my daughters are now teachers. One of them posted this on Facebook recently. “Grades are turned in, library books re- turned, let the summer begin!”

Summer can be fleeting. When we lived in Vermont, people told a joke about summer. They said, “What do you do in the summer in Vermont?” The answer was, “We have a picnic that day.” It does indeed seem to fly by.

Even in this leisurely time of fun and relaxation, there is learning to be done. Beach days prove a chance for our little ones to explored God’s wonderful creation. I am amazed at the joy my grandchildren find in the rocks and shells they pick up along the beach. The rhythm of the waves ebbing and flowing by God’s schedule remind us of his unchanging love and faithfulness to us. The world become our classroom for a time.

It is important, too, that we not neglect our spiritual education during summer. What are some of the ways you stay rooted in your faith? Many simply don’t attend church. After the first summer that we were here, someone asked Jon when church would start up again. Actually, we have church all summer. Spending an hour or so each week worshiping and praising God can reap great benefits. How about Bible reading, devotional times and private prayer? Let us not neglect those things that build us up and bring us into the very presence of God. Fortunately, he doesn’t take a vacation from us.

Have a wonderful summer!


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