Let Freedom Ring

Fireworks It’s time for summer celebrations! Days at the beach. Ice Cream stands. Family cookouts. Long hours of daylight. Life at a more relaxed pace. And there is always the Fourth of July which gives us reasons to reflect on the blessings we have in our country. I know there are problems here with families in need of jobs and other important things, but in spite of that there is much to celebrate.

My daughter told me about a Fourth of July that she spent in Paris with some of her college students. They were homesick and unhappy to be away from home and in a land where the day was not a holiday. They remembered that the Statue of Liberty had been a gift to the United States from the French and that there was a smaller version in Paris. So they decided to go see it as a celebration of the Fourth. When they located it, they found other Americans there who had had the same idea. They all joined together for an impromptu party.

A friend recently went on a mission trip to Honduras. She was deeply saddened by the poverty so apparent there. She said the hardest part was to realize that for some of the neediest people she saw, there was no hope for a better life. They were locked into a life of poverty. She compared it with the poor in our country who get help from the government and other social agencies. She felt that even the poorest Americans where better off. But in this land of little hope she found Christians who had found hope in Christ. She said that while their situation remained the same, they had found freedom in Christ and were joyful in Him. They had become children of the King.

We do live in a country where we can live our lives with a freedom that many others only dream of. But true freedom, freedom of the soul, comes only from a relationship with Jesus Christ and acceptance of his give of salvation. Think of the apostle Paul who sang hymns as he was chained in prison. Nothing could take his spiritual freedom from him. And nothing can take ours away either! Let freedom ring!


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